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First record of the top invasive plant Leycesteria formosa (Caprifoliacea) in Terceira Island, Azores

Author(s): Silva, Luís cv logo 1 ; Marcelino, José cv logo 2 ; Resendes, Roberto cv logo 3 ; Moniz, João cv logo 4

Date: 2009

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Origin: Repositório da Universidade dos Açores

Subject(s): Leycesteria formosa (Caprifoliacea); Plantas Invasoras; Açores; Ilha Terceira (Açores); Invasive Plant; Azores

Leycesteria formosa Wallich in Roxb. (Caprifoliaceae) is considered as one of the top 100 invasive species in Macaronesia, due to the extensive infestations presently reported for São Miguel Island, where it is invading Pico da Vara/Tronqueira Special Protection Area, and Lagoa do Fogo Nature Reserve (Silva et al. 2008). It is found invading marginal areas like the margin of Cryptomeria japonica stands, but also the native forest and other types of vegetation, not only in sheltered locations (ravines and water courses) but also at highly exposed sites, (i.e. Monte Escuro). Recorded habitats include Calluna scrubland, Laurus forest, Ilex forest, Juniperus forest, pasture margins, water stream banks, ravines, roadsides, Cryptomeria production forest, and Pittosporum exotic woodland. [...]
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