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Ondas ultrassônicas e pérolas de vidro: um novo método de extração de beta-gala...

Author(s): Medeiros,Fabiana Oliveira de ; Alves,Fernanda Germano ; Lisboa,Cristiane Reinaldo ; Martins,Daniela de Souza ; Burkert,Carlos André Veiga ; Kalil,Susana Juliano

Date: 2008

Origin: OASIS br

Subject(s): beta-galactosidase; cellular disruption; sonification

The optimization of a traditional technique of cellular disruption by abrasion was carried out and a process using ultrasonic waves associated with glass pearls to extract beta-galactosidase from Kluyveromyces marxianus proposed. In the first case, the effects of the diameter and weight of the pearls in relation to the volume of cellular suspension and amount of time for cellular disruption were evaluated. The efficiency of the new process of cellular disruption was evaluated by varying the length of time of sonification and comparing with the method of abrasion under the same conditions. The proposed method can be efficiently applied to obtain beta-galactosidase at laboratory scale.
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