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Assessment of functional capacity during gait using a reciprocal propulsion ort...

Author(s): Muszkat,Rachel ; Yazbek Jr.,Paulo ; Arango,Claudia T. ; Moreira,Maria Cecilia ; Trombetta,lvani C. ; Battistella,Linamara Rizzo

Date: 1994

Origin: OASIS br

Subject(s): Spinal cord injury; Steeper advanced reciprocating gait orthosis; Conventional mechanical orthosis; spiroergometer; VO2max; anaerobic threshold

One subject (male, 24 years) with an incomplete motor and sensitive SCI, neurological level C6-C7 was submitted to a comparative study during gait using an advanced reciprocaiting gait othosis (ARGO) and a conventional mechanical orthosis (CMO) and respiratory and metabolic variables were compared at peak effort and in the second minute of recovery. We found that the ARGO, as with the CMO, not garantee gait independence but the ARGO does enable a more functional gait pattern with a more efficient ventilation . The ratio of CO2/O2 showed that ARGO enable aerobic conditions of work and the energy expenditure using is significantly lower than CMO.
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