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An SNMP filesystem in userspace

Autor(es): Lopes, Rui Pedro cv logo 1 ; Pedrosa, Tiago cv logo 2 ; Pires, L.C.M. cv logo 3

Data: 2012

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Origem: Biblioteca Digital do IPB

Assunto(s): Network management; SNMP; File system

Modern computer networks are constantly increasing in size and complexity. Despite this, data networks are a critical factor for the success of many organizations. Monitoring their health and operation sta- tus is fundamental, and usually performed through specific network man- agement architectures, developed and standardized in the last decades. On the other hand, file systems have become one of the best well known paradigms of human-computer interaction, and have been around since early days in the personal computer industry. In this paper we propose a file system interface to network management information, allowing users to open, edit and visualize network and systems operation information.
Tipo de Documento Documento de conferência
Idioma Inglês
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