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Lisbon Olympic Games 2028: visual identity

Author(s): Galeeva, Olga

Date: 2016

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Origin: Instituto de Arte, Design e Empresa - Universitário

Subject(s): Design visual; Jogos olímpicos; Identidade visual; City branding; Branding territorial; Azulejo; Lisboa (Portugal)


The Olympic Games are a mega-event that make the world’s largest cities compete for recognition and status. In recent years the Olympic Games have become economically significant, primarily as a result of the increasing commercialisation of sports. Hosting the Olympic Games is the opportunity for the city to improve itself, reshape the urban landscape, create a new statement on the world stage and make the city become desirable to investors, travellers, creative workers and global corporations seeking for new locations. It has also become one of the most obvious symbols of a global city. Athletes from all around the world gather together in one city and compete against each other in a variety of sports to realize their dreams of becoming Olympic champions. This type of events are always associated with a strong visual identity that makes them easily recognisable. For each edition of the Games, the host city develops its own logo and set of pictograms. The design is created in order to achieve two very specific goals: to work as a ‘wayfinder’ tool for spectators, while also representing the local culture. This project aims to create the visual identity for the hypothetical Olympic Games in Lisbon during the year 2028, taking into consideration its development, all multiplicities linked to technical and theoretical aspects of design.

Document Type Master thesis
Language English
Advisor(s) Rosa, Carlos; Oliveira, Fernando
Contributor(s) Galeeva, Olga
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