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Meta, tracer - MOF with traceability

Autor(es): Ferreira, Denzil Sócrates Teixeira cv logo 1

Data: 2009

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Origem: DigitUMa - Repositório da Universidade da Madeira

Assunto(s): MDD; Model; Software; Traceability; Modeling; Architecture; Metamodel; .; Centro de Ciências Exatas e da Engenharia

The following document proposes a traceability solution for model-driven development. There as been already previous work done in this area, but so far there has not been yet any standardized way for exchanging traceability information, thus the goal of this project developed and documented here is not to automatize the traceability process but to provide an approach to achieve traceability that follows OMG standards, making traceability information exchangeable between tools that follow the same standards. As such, we propose a traceability meta-model as an extension of MetaObject Facility (MOF)1. Using MetaSketch2 modeling language workbench, we present a modeling language for traceability information. This traceability information then can be used for tool cooperation. Using Meta.Tracer (our tool developed for this thesis), we enable the users to establish traceability relationships between different traceability elements and offer a visualization for the traceability information. We then demonstrate the benefits of using a traceability tool on a software development life cycle using a case study. We finalize by commenting on the work developed.Orientador: Leonel Nóbrega
Tipo de Documento Dissertação de Mestrado
Idioma Inglês
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