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Implementation of an IoT-based Sensor Network Integrating IoT-based Sensor Networks with Large-Scale Message Distribution

Author(s): Bessa, Fernando Pedro Teixeira

Date: 2015

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Origin: Repositório Científico do Instituto Politécnico do Porto

Subject(s): Sensor Network; Programming; Internet of Things; Message Trading; Arquitecturas, Sistemas e Redes; Arquitecturas, Sistemas e Redes; Arquitecturas, Sistemas e Redes


As technology advances not only do new standards and programming styles appear but also some of the previously established ones gain relevance. In a new Internet paradigm where interconnection between small devices is key to the development of new businesses and scientific advancement there is the need to find simple solutions that anyone can implement in order to allow ideas to become more than that, ideas. Open-source software is still alive and well, especially in the area of the Internet of Things. This opens windows for many low capital entrepreneurs to experiment with their ideas and actually develop prototypes, which can help identify problems with a project or shine light on possible new features and interactions. As programming becomes more and more popular between people of fields not related to software there is the need for guidance in developing something other than basic algorithms, which is where this thesis comes in: A comprehensive document explaining the challenges and available choices of developing a sensor data and message delivery system, which scales well and implements the delivery of critical messages. Modularity and extensibility were also given much importance, making this an affordable tool for anyone that wants to build a sensor network of the kind.

Document Type Master thesis
Language English
Advisor(s) Pereira, Nuno Alexandre
Contributor(s) Bessa, Fernando Pedro Teixeira
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