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Kitchen robot prod. line development. Proj. of Bowden cables cutting and thermal forming machine.

Author(s): Radwanski, Jakub

Date: 2016

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Origin: Repositório Científico do Instituto Politécnico do Porto

Subject(s): Production line; Kitchen robot; Assembly line; Montage station; Test station; Laser welding; Security Car handle latch cable; Cutting machine; Pneumatic press; Machining; Construções Mecânicas


This document presents particular description of work done during student’s internship in PR Metal company realized as ERASMUS PROJECT at ISEP. All information including company’s description and its structure, overview of the problems and analyzed cases, all stages of projects from concept to conclusion can be found here. Description of work done during the internship is divided here into two pieces. First part concerns one activities of the company which is robotic chefs (kitchen robot) production line. Work, that was done for development of this line involved several tasks, among them: creating a single-worker montage station for screwing robots housing’s parts, improve security system for laser welding chamber, what particularly consists in designing automatically closing door system with special surface, that protects against destructive action of laser beam, test station for examination of durability of heating connectors, solving problem with rotors vibrations. Second part tells about main task, realized in second half of internship and stands a complete description of machine development and design. The machine is a part of car handle latch cable production line and its tasks are: cutting cable to required length and hot-forming plastic cover for further assembly needs.

Document Type Report
Language English
Advisor(s) Silva, Francisco José Gomes da
Contributor(s) Repositório Científico do Instituto Politécnico do Porto
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