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O ensino da História no 3º ciclo de escolaridade obrigatória : os interesses dos alunos e a prática docente

Autor(es): Barreira, Aníbal cv logo 1

Data: 2001

Identificador Persistente:

Origem: Repositório Aberto da Universidade do Porto

Assunto(s): História - Ensino

A search for information was put in practise in several schools in Oporto and its sur-roundings, in order to compare what students of the 9th form think over History, its contents, resources, classroom performing, evaluation and tools for learning. Though it deals with a sample (175 students) their answers make possible to come to some conclusions, which, combined with some other recent studies about Portuguese and European students, can help us to understand their interests and to adapt the method of teaching History in order to acquire a large range of historical knowledge, so that they get an irreplaceable place in their curriculum.
Tipo de Documento Artigo
Idioma Português
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