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O terceiro sector e a sua renovação em Portugal : uma abordagem preliminar

Author(s): Quintão, Carlota

Date: 2011

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Origin: Repositório Aberto da Universidade do Porto

Subject(s): Economia social - Portugal; Empreendedorismo social


This paper supports the choice of the theoretical framework of the third sector, in contrast to other theoretical traditions, as the correct approach to the Portuguese case. It regards the phenomenon of rearrangement and renewal in the third sector, providing the first outlook on this theme in Portugal. Similarly to what happened in Western Europe, this phenomenon also took place in Portugal over the last few decades. However, in Portugal, it was related to the rescue of democratic rights and the mobilization of civil society to deal with basic needs, rather than the development of new social movements, processes of reaffirmation of identity and renewal of the intervention models of the traditional third sector. Initiatives such as the IPSS, the CERCI and the IDL stand out among the dynamics of rearrangement of the sector since 1974. Seeing that the existing secondary information with regard to the phenomenon of rearrangement and renewal of the third sector is abundant but fragmented, primary sources of information must be used in order to analyze it.

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Language Portuguese
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