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Verbal and nonverbal signals in face-to-face interaction : a theoretical framework for a holistic micro-analysis : the example of a parenthesis

Autor(es): Rodrigues, Isabel Maria Galhano cv logo 1

Data: 2005

Identificador Persistente:

Origem: Repositório Aberto da Universidade do Porto

Assunto(s): Comunicação verbal; Comunicação não verbal; Discurso - Análise; Conversação

In order to explain a proposal for a theoretical framework for a holistic micro-analysis of verbal and nonverbal modalities, a micro-analysis of a parenthesis in a face-to-face interaction between three Portuguese participants will be presented. In this analysis both verbal and nonverbal signals were described in relation to each other and classified according to their interactional functions. In other words, various kinds of nonverbal communication, movements and positions of body, head, eyes, face, arms and hands will be analyzed not only regarding their form and semiotics, but also their multiple functions in relation to speech production/reception – which includes words, prosody, and what is beyond it: participants expectations, attitudes, motivations and relation to each other. Besides, this example will emphasize the importance of when and where a movement is made and what it means in interaction, independently of its idiosyncratic aspects. The moment and the function of each movement, as well as its synchronization with speech and other movements/positions of all participants can offer very important cues regarding speech processing. The functional categories used for the classification of verbal signals result from a synthesis of principles and categories of the theories of Ethnomethodological Conversation Analysis, Discourse Analysis and Contextualization. Furthermore, for the analysis of prosody, the Interactional Linguistics was taken in account. As for the nonverbal modalities, recent investigation from several disciplinary on gesture and body movements areas was considered.
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