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Mobile device-to-device distributed computing using data sets

Author(s): Remédios, Diogo ; Teófilo, António ; Paulino, Hervé ; Lourenço, João

Date: 2015

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Origin: Repositório Científico do Instituto Politécnico de Lisboa

Project/scholarship: info:eu-repo/grantAgreement/FCT/5665-PICT/135826/PT ;

Subject(s): Android; Device-to-device computing; Distributed computing; Mobile cloud; Mobile computing


The rapidly increasing computing power, available storage and communication capabilities of mobile devices makes it possible to start processing and storing data locally, rather than offloading it to remote servers; allowing scenarios of mobile clouds without infrastructure dependency. We can now aim at connecting neighboring mobile devices, creating a local mobile cloud that provides storage and computing services on local generated data. In this paper, we describe an early overview of a distributed mobile system that allows accessing and processing of data distributed across mobile devices without an external communication infrastructure. Copyright © 2015 ICST.

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Language English
Contributor(s) Remédios, Diogo; Teófilo, António; Paulino, Hervé; Lourenço, João
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