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University students' attitudes toward same-sex parenting and gay and lesbian rights in Portugal

Author(s): Costa, Pedro Alexandre ; Almeida, Rute ; Anselmo, Cátia Marisa Duarte ; Ferreira, André ; Pereira, Henrique Marques ; Leal, Isabel Pereira

Date: 2014

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Origin: Repositório do ISPA - Instituto Universitário

Subject(s): Same-sex parenting; Gay and lesbian rights; Homosexuality; University students; Attitudes; Etiology; Homonegativity


The purpose of this study was to explore university students’ attitudes toward same-sex parenting and toward gay and lesbian rights. A total of 292 participants, aged between 18 and 27 (M = 21) responded to a questionnaire measuring attitudes toward parenting by gay men and lesbians, gay and lesbian rights, and beliefs about the etiology of homosexuality. Results revealed that the majority of students were against gay and lesbian parenting, gay and lesbian equal rights, and believed that homosexuality has a social/environmental basis. It was found that sexual prejudice is highly prevalent in Portuguese university students, and implications of these findings are discussed.

Document Type Research article
Language English
Contributor(s) Costa, Pedro Alexandre; Almeida, Rute; Anselmo, Cátia Marisa Duarte; Ferreira, André; Pereira, Henrique Marques; Leal, Isabel Pereira
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