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A Touristic big-game fishing in San Michael Island (Azores) : evaluating anglers’ profiles, perceptions about the destination and business revenues

Author(s): Vieira, José Cabral ; Antunes, Marcos Paulo Carolino

Date: 2016

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Origin: Repositório da Universidade dos Açores

Subject(s): Pesca Desportiva; Turismo; Ilha de São Miguel (Açores); Fisherman; Sport Fishing; Azores


Tourism is growing at a fast pace in the Azores’ archipelago. The landscape and marine wildlife have been viewed as relevant attractions of this destination. The ocean which surrounds the islands encompasses many market opportunities and niches such a surfing, fishing, scuba diving, shark diving and dolphin and whale watching, among others. This paper examines angler opinions about the destination, angler profiles and business revenues of touristic big-game fishing in the island of San Michael, Azores (Portugal). For this purpose, a survey was carried out to visitors who engaged in that activity and to vessels’ owners. In addition, some information was gathered from official data sources. The results reveal that this activity already generates a reasonable contribution to the touristic revenue of the island. There is also evidence based on respondents’ opinion that such an emerging market niche has a potential to expand and compete with other touristic regions in the practice of this recreational activity.

Document Type Working paper
Language English
Contributor(s) Vieira, José Cabral; Antunes, Marcos Paulo Carolino
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