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Design urbano e co-design : oficina participativa no Bairro do Amador

Author(s): Meneses, Pedro Miguel Heitor de Matos Frois, 1988-

Date: 2014

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Origin: Repositório da Universidade de Lisboa

Subject(s): Design de equipamento; Design; Espaço público urbano; Bairro do Armador (Lisboa, Portugal); Participação; Cidadania


In this dissertation is conducted a study on citizen participation in revitalization projects of urban design. In this sense, we present the project were the Bairro do Armador Participation Studio have been developed, been able to begin, together with the community that lived there, a participatory design project focused on the redesign scheme of a square in the neighborhood. It was based on participatory tools and methods according to a co-design approach. First, a research around the design perspective relative to the social world and how it contributes to social innovation processes is systemized, establishing the principles that ground the study. In this research are featured the various types of user participation in design projects, the analysis of the process and the methods and tools of co-design. Subsequently, the public space is studied, in an essay where the emphasis is given to the social dimension of cities and the factors that contribute to a positive appropriation of space by citizens. This work revealed that communication is a key factor in the process of co-design and that the design program is contextual. In addition to the outputs of the project, the outcomes achieved through participatory experience designing public space have a decisive impact on the community

Document Type Master thesis
Language Portuguese
Advisor(s) Vasconcelos, Ana, 1965-; Pereira, Cristóvão
Contributor(s) Meneses, Pedro Miguel Heitor de Matos Frois, 1988-
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