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Andragogia e educação artística : uma academia de saberes

Author(s): Alecrim, Margarida Vicente, 1990-

Date: 2016

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Origin: Repositório da Universidade de Lisboa

Subject(s): Academia dos Saberes de Loures; Educação artística; Andragogia; Política educativa; Universidades seniores; Educação Artística; Educação Artística; Educação Artística


This research paper regarding Adult Education focuses in summing up a concept that it is considered a key aspect and yet with little significance in Portugal, which is Andragogy. The goal of this pape ris to contribute for the study of Andragogy and to deepen the understanding, thereforeit has been made a summary of other concepts, which are embraced in it and even opposite ones. It has been defined artistic education and through the analysis of two contexts of non-formal education, we withdraw conclusions of this very same educational field. The theme is between the educational system, social context and the non-formal education of a University of the Third Age. From this point of view, it has been gathered readings, theoretician, conceptualizations and some surveys did to the students of non-formal education. As a result, the complexity of this educational perspective has been understood. The cientific methodology developed was not only to clarify some of the Concepts of the Adult Education as well as to verify the educational policies about the theme whether they are international or nacional, which are although few and in most cases omitted in Adult Education in the artistic area, focusing in literacy. From this study object, the elucidation of the andragogical concept, we analyse the contexts, the educational policies and we start the surveys, which let us to recognize and validate the implantation and the use of this concept. This referential allowed us to withdraw interesting conclusions about the students’ preferences, abilities and needs, and to clarify why the use of this different methodology of teaching influences people’s choices and therefore their course whether it is personal or professional. To conclude, we verify the dichotomy of the concepts, the unclear educational policies, which are inexistent in Portugal, regarding the term Andragogy in the artistic area. The approach is recent and limits itself to what we know in the scholar programmes. In addition, Universities of the Third Age can present a different dialogue in the andragogical context, in most part through the artistic teaching. Hopefully this paper would help us to look further in the Adult Education and not just basic literacy until today

Document Type Master thesis
Language Portuguese
Advisor(s) Calado, Margarida, 1947-
Contributor(s) Alecrim, Margarida Vicente, 1990-
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