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Contributos para o estudo da variação na frequência de ocorrência de unidades e padrões fonológicos

Autor(es): Aguiar, Joana cv logo 1 ; Vigário, Marina cv logo 2

Data: 2010

Identificador Persistente:

Origem: Repositório da Universidade de Lisboa

Projeto/bolsa: Frequency Patterns of Phonological Objects in Portuguese - Research and Applications

Assunto(s): Phonological units; Phonological patterns; Frequency; Variation; Forensic linguistics; Unidades fonológicas; Padrões fonológicos; Frequência; Variação; Linguística forense

In this paper, we examine the frequency of phonological units and patterns in two oral corpora of European Portuguese: the corpus TA90PE, containing interviews from different regions of Portugal, and the corpus TQT, containing oral samples collected in Terra Quente Transmontana. The results contribute to determine the scope and limits of frequency variation, showing that the distribution of some of the phonological units and patterns examined is influenced by geographical and social factors, such as education and age. It is suggested that these later aspects, together with other linguistic data, may contribute to draw linguistic profiles in forensic
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Idioma Português
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