Detalhes do Documento

Imagem de arquivo : entre a ficção e a realidade

Autor(es): Camacho, Sandra Gonçalves, 1986- cv logo 1

Data: 2010

Identificador Persistente:

Origem: Repositório da Universidade de Lisboa

Assunto(s): Forgács, Péter, 1950-; Calle, Sophie, 1953-; Sucsy, Michael, 1973-; Dews, Morgan, 1968-; Blaufuks, Daniel, 1963-; Cinema; Documentários; Ficção; Arquivos

Tese de mestrado, Arte e multimédia - audiovisuais, Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Belas Artes, 2011This theoretical and practical dissertation is based on Archive Footage. I will then explore not only this concept but also I will analyse its documental and fictional functions. The starting point for this work was an advertisement of the singer Max in which my mother participated. Thus being the video that forms the practical side of the dissertation, O Dia em que Max desceu a rua, tries, in the beginning, to reconstruct the events that took place that day continuing later to register the several stories that create a family History through the use of Archive Footage. In the theoretical side I will analyse the concepts of Archive Footage, Archive, Collection, Documentary Film, Fictional Film and Editing. There will be a study of the Documentary Film, the Fictional Film and their application of Archive Footageand the use of Editing in their construction. There will be also an investigation on the differences and similarities between Documentary Film and Fictional Film. Taking this into consideration, there will be an analysis of some of the works of the artists Péter Forgács, Sophie Calle, Michael Sucsy, Morgan Dews and Daniel Blaufuks that used Archive Footage and/or explored the relationship between fiction and reality. Finally there will be a study on the practical side of the dissertation – O Dia em que Max desceu a rua – relating it to the previous concepts
Tipo de Documento Dissertação de Mestrado
Idioma Português
Orientador(es) Gamito, Maria João, 1956-
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