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Design do lobby de hotel : requisitos necessários para o lobby contemporâneo

Author(s): Gomes, Susana Lou Ramalho, 1993-

Date: 2018

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Origin: Repositório da Universidade de Lisboa

Subject(s): Design de interiores; Arquitectura de interiores; Foyers; Hoteis; Luxo; Estudos de caso; Consumidores; Design de Equipamento - Especialização em Design Urbano e de Interiores; Design de Equipamento - Especialização em Design Urbano e de Interiores; Design de Equipamento - Especialização em Design Urbano e de Interiores


Travel and accommodation services such as boarding and lodging arose with ancient civilizations, as a response to the basic needs inherent in human subsistence, which triggered social and intellectual progress. Therefore, the development of hospitality that is influenced by economic, social, political, environmental and technological factors has stimulated and shaped new tastes and interests of both business and leisure travellers. With the interest of accommodating and satisfying the desires and needs of consumers, new architectural and themed hotels emerged such as boutique hotel, resorts, business hotel, airport hotel, casino hotel etc. The growing hotel market, which is fierce and competitive, forced hotels to came up with various methods of differentiation and distinction, after studies were came out to understand the target market. This resulted in the idea that to communicate a consistent brand image, interior spaces had to be creative, innovative and captivating. That said, the interior area that is most used as a marketing promotion tool of the hotel, is the lobby. The lobby plays an important role in the development and operation of the hotel and is the first interior space that guests encounter after they arrived, thus creating their first impressions. For this reason, the present thesis related to the subject of Interior Design, sought to study and deepen the area lobby, taking into account the design elements of this space (organization and spatial planning, furniture, lighting and materials) and the correlation between them, which makes a good contemporary lobby design. Fundamental for this investigation, a case study was carried out which included a diverse range of lobbies of luxury urban hotels from cities of Lisbon and Macao. The aim is to provide and consolidate useful materials for future projects of innovative and successful hotel lobbies

Document Type Master thesis
Language Portuguese
Advisor(s) Pereira, Cristóvão Valente, 1966-
Contributor(s) Gomes, Susana Lou Ramalho, 1993-
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