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Galeria dos Contrabandistas : musealização e preservação de um espaço de transgresão

Author(s): Nunes, Fernando António Pina, 1968-

Date: 2017

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Origin: Repositório da Universidade de Lisboa

Subject(s): Associação O Beco - Espaço de Transgressão, Cultura e Arte (Beco dos Contrabandistas, Lisboa); Galeria dos Contrabandistas (Beco dos Contrabandistas, Lisboa); Museu de Favela - MUF (Rio de Janeiro, Brasil); Museologia; Arte urbana; Musealização; Património; Memória; Identidade; Transgressão; Estudos de caso; Projecto Moledo Acontece; Museologia e Museografia; Museologia e Museografia; Museologia e Museografia


Galeria dos Contrabandistas (Smuggler’s Gallery) is an urban art project that aims to revitalise the Beco dos Contrabandistas (Smuggler’s Alley) in Lisbon, Portugal. The proposal takes this traditional space of transgression and organises it preserving the memory, culture, and way of life of its residents like built heritage and public spaces, displaying it in a museum context. It is also expected that cultural and artistic activities happen in this place. These activities will promote artistic and knowledge residences; art interventions and performing arts; poetry recitals, handicraft fairs, concerts, and theatre and cinema festivals, etc.. The second phase of the Smugglers' Gallery opens a wider scientific, educational, social and artistic project. The establishment of a center of art and research dedicated to the study of transgression will be the basis of this new stage and with it the developmentand implementation of residences of knowledge and art. It is intended that these residences provide a territorial experience over a period of time, as well as a multicultural experience and multidisciplinary sharing, developing synergies of research and artistic creation. The methodology consisted in the historically contextualised study of the Territory, using Olisiponese studies, historical monographs, cartography, testimonies, and interviews using oral history method. Another method compared similar experiments of museum contextualisation in public spaces, using examples like "Museu da Favela - MUF/Brazil" and "Moledo Acontece/Portugal". By researching the bibliography allowed the update of the main concepts discussed in this project: museum contextualisation, identity, memory, heritage and transgression

A tese possui um DVD com Anexos, contendo dois videos de Entrevistas, apenas consultável na Biblioteca da FBAUL - COTA CDA 200 - ULBA018457

Document Type Master thesis
Language Portuguese
Advisor(s) Rodrigues, Sofia Leal, 1975-
Contributor(s) Nunes, Fernando António Pina, 1968-
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