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O azulejo como solução acústica para a cozinha contemporânea

Author(s): Duwe, Jessica, 1991-

Date: 2018

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Origin: Repositório da Universidade de Lisboa

Subject(s): Lino, Raúl, 1879-1974; Hoffmann, Josef, 1870-1956; Azulejo; Acústica; Design; Cozinhas; Design de Equipamento - Especialização em Design de produto; Design de Equipamento - Especialização em Design de produto; Design de Equipamento - Especialização em Design de produto


To value the heritage associated to the use of the tile as a traditional element with a strong identity in Portuguese culture is placed in this work as a way to look for its place in the contemporary housing kitchen. With the component of architectural coating, both exterior and interior, the ceramic sector came to have a significant weight in the productive and industrial sector of the Portuguese economy. The use of the ceramic coating inside the domestic space presents considerable advantages over other finishing solutions, in particular in the rooms that are in use of running water for meal or hygiene purposes. The waterproofing of the surface of the tile, leads to acoustic changes in the built environment, which are reflected in the quality of individual and family well-being in the use of space. The present study intends to establish a connection between tile coating with all its historical, patrimonial and functional value taking into account the evolution of the concept of kitchen in the domestic space and the latest trends that point to the overlap of the preparation and confection functionality of with a social dimension. It is therefore proposed to define the conditions for the development of a new ceramic product taking into account the acoustic characteristics provided by its use in the context of contemporary cooking. In terms of design three proposals are advanced to answer the problems of this study that aims to answer the question: How to improve the well-being and acoustic performance of the tile in the kitchen of contemporary housing from the point of view of product design

Document Type Master thesis
Language Portuguese
Advisor(s) Dâmaso, Isabel, 1966-
Contributor(s) Duwe, Jessica, 1991-
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