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Stillness - entre o corpo e a imagem

Autor(es): Rodrigues, Ana Luisa Rito da Silva, 1978- cv logo 1

Data: 2011

Identificador Persistente:

Origem: Repositório da Universidade de Lisboa

Assunto(s): Nauman, Bruce, 1941-; Cunningham, Merce, 1919-2009; Arte vídeo; Instalações; Performance art; Corpo humano; Hibridismo

Tese de mestrado, Pintura, Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Belas Artes, 2011Acompanha a tese um video que apenas poderá ser consultado na Biblioteca da FBAUL. Cota DVD 99The project STILLNESS - Entre o Corpo e a Imagem, Notas sobre o Híbrido na Vídeo- Instalação is situated on the side of the body, over here, in wich is the exploration of the fisical nuances of the projection display beyond the image, forcing a re-evaluation of the bidimensional and temporal planes. That is to say that it is established the body-image over here (the body) and over there (the image), in an uninterrupted ensemble of concepts that try to define the other, called here a hybrid. In a discourse that aims to be deeply transdisciplinary, we try to define the performative body and the projection of its image in the space of the video installation, and the way that its different elements connect each other and how they build up the different universes and fields of action. Being the hybrid a fusion between different disciplines, expressions, languages, ways of doing and seeing, a study of this case is in the order of the day. Having as object of analysis the work Stillness, an artistic proposal that as become our case study
Tipo de Documento Dissertação de Mestrado
Idioma Português
Orientador(es) Sabino, Isabel, 1955-
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