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Venturing into cashew business in Guinea - Bissau

Author(s): Flamengo, Bianca Carvalho Voss Wahnon

Date: 2011

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Origin: Repositório Institucional da UNL


This project consists of a business plan for a cashew processing factory in Guinea-Bissau. A company will be created to implement the project with the objective to sell whole white cashews to the general cashew market of the Netherland. To do so the company will have to acquire the ISO 22000 certification and fulfill the Dutch importers quality and quantity standards. In the second year the company will either sell the cashews as certified organic products or expand the factory capacity. The financial projections were made and both strategies (enter organic niche market or expand) will result in a positive NPV project with an IRR of 61% and 63% respectively. In terms of long run objectives the company will continue to expand. Besides implementing a sustainable and profitable project this new company will surely have a social-economic impact.

A Work Project, presented as part of the requirements for the Award of a Masters Degree in Management from the NOVA – School of Business and Economics

Document Type Master thesis
Language English
Advisor(s) Pinho, Paulo
Contributor(s) Flamengo, Bianca Carvalho Voss Wahnon
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