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Espírito Santo Saúde: The bidding war

Author(s): Pacheco, Sofia Pavão Carneiro

Date: 2015

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Origin: Repositório Institucional da UNL

Subject(s): Acquisition; Healthcare; Synergies; Takeover process


This case study describes the current situation of Espírito Santo Saúde, which involved an eventful takeover process. The company initially went public on February 2014 and later that year, due to the financial situation of its holdings it had to be sold. The bidding war began in August 2014, after Ángeles announced the first offer. Other participants who also pitched bids include José de Mello Saúde, UnitedHealth and Fosun. Furthermore, the potential projects Espírito Santo Saúde was considering implementing prior to the sale and the current situation of the healthcare industry in Portugal, will also be analysed.

Document Type Master thesis
Language English
Advisor(s) Pinho, Paulo
Contributor(s) Pacheco, Sofia Pavão Carneiro
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