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Escolha de indicadores para um relatório

Author(s): Nunes, Mariana Stobbaerts de Faria Pereira

Date: 2016

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Origin: Repositório Institucional da UNL

Subject(s): Business Intelligence (BI); Goals; Indicators


This dissertation is aimed at helping organizations that implemented a Business Intelligence (BI) system without documenting to identify the reasons for the indicators choice either in the conception phase of the project or other. The example taken to present the methodology is a fictitious case study of an organization named BestBread. The aim of this dissertation is to demonstrate not only the necessary indicators in a report but also to describe why they are needed through a business goal representation. This dissertation approach focus mainly in using two methodologies, a simplified notation of the Business Intelligence model (BIM) and a systematic approach that aims to justify BI indicators through modelling report goals. This approach provides guidance to organizations that already implemented a BI tool by presenting a method to compare intuitive and systematic selection of indicators with the BI system existing indicators. The approach is applicable to define in a report its significant indicators. The steps needed to be executed are the following: 1- Model business goals; 2- Select indicators through an intuitive perspective; 3- Verify the indicators existence identified in the intuitive perspective; 4- Select indicators through a systematic perspective; 5- Verify the indicators existence identified in the systematic perspective; 6- Make a global comparison. The dissertation approach allowed an easier way to identify and explain the purpose of indicators to be used in a report. Also, the methodology presented could help the BI deployment phase to be quicker since users would be able to visualise through the representations the evaluation that the indicators could evoke in their business goals. Therefore, it could improve the use of the BI tool, its acceptance and maybe even users’ satisfaction with the tool.

Dissertation presented as the partial requirement for obtaining a Master's degree in Information Management, specialization in Information Systems and Technologies Management

Document Type Master thesis
Language English
Advisor(s) Henriques, Roberto André Pereira
Contributor(s) Nunes, Mariana Stobbaerts de Faria Pereira
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