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Research of the internet of things business models in Portugal

Author(s): Gonçalves, Ana Rita Serafim Melo

Date: 2017

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Origin: Repositório Institucional da UNL

Subject(s): Business Models; Enterprises; Internet of things; Internet; IoT; Economy; Technology


The Internet of Things is a concept that is revolutionizing how “things” and people are interconnected nowadays. The impact it is going to create in the economy and the society is going to be immense and it will change the manner in which we do our personal and corporative daily tasks. This concept was created several years in the past when the first communication machine-to-machine was achieved and with time, the technology has been evolving to what we know as the “Internet of Things”. It is based on networks among sensors, things and people. As the IoT is so diverse, there is not a specific architecture, but several. Depends on the objective of the clients or developers, what do they want to improve or achieve by developing or implementing this technology. The main objectives are making processes as efficient as possible and gather data about several parameters such as, temperature, traffic, speed, product usage, health, machine functioning, among several others. This type of information and technology is very important for entities as it helps them positioning in the market, improve their strategy, differentiate from the competition, create more value, impact for the clients and in the decision making process. For the citizens, the IoT will help them to interact better with public services and increase their life quality, for instance. This dissertation attempts to understand what the IoT is, its architectures and the advantages and disadvantages that exist throughout its implementation. It was also investigated the impact the Internet of Things has in entities, its business models and the entities business models as well in order to understand if they remain the same or go through some changes after introducing these technologies in the entity, and the overall market and economic impact. The method used to obtain these results is based in interviews conducted to several enterprises with experience and direct contact with the IoT.

Document Type Master thesis
Language English
Advisor(s) Santos, Vitor Manuel Pereira Duarte dos
Contributor(s) Gonçalves, Ana Rita Serafim Melo
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