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Exploring the optimal utilization of locational banking statistics data by a national central bank : the South African perspective

Author(s): Beer, Alida Maria de

Date: 2017

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Origin: Repositório Institucional da UNL

Subject(s): Locational banking statistics; Cross-border banking activity; Bank funding and lending; Financial stability; National central bank; Trabalho de projecto; Project Work


The financial crisis that emerged in 2008 highlighted the importance of tracking global vulnerabilities through joint analysis of data covering many financial institutions. Locational banking statistics (LBS) were designed to provide comprehensive and consistent data on the banking systems’ funding and lending patterns (BIS, 2014) . The main purpose of the data is to provide information on the role of banks and financial centers in the intermediation of international capital flows. Apart from operational activities, procedures and systems to compile sound cross-border banking system data, there is a need to improve the understanding of the analysis techniques and research outcomes pertaining to this data and specifically how these elements feed into the broader macroeconomic framework, the financial stability regime, and ultimately into policy advice. This study is conducted within a positivist paradigm and investigates the key analytical uses of the LBS data from a national central bank perspective whilst utilising a quantitative approach to develop a suite of analysis mainly through the use of exploratory data analysis (EDA) techniques.

Project work presented as partial requirement for obtaining the Master’s degree in Statistics and Information Management

Document Type Master thesis
Language English
Advisor(s) Lima, Filipa; Silva, João Falcão
Contributor(s) Beer, Alida Maria de
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