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Institutions and firm formation: An empirical analysis of Portuguese municipalities

Author(s): Arouca, Simão Perestrello de Vasconcelos

Date: 2013

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Origin: Repositório Institucional da UNL

Subject(s): Firm formation; Municipalities; Institutions


The uneven spatial distribution of start-ups observed for Portugal from 2003 to 2009 suggests that local attributes, among which the quality of municipal institutions and their respective governance, impact the entrepreneurial process. Through the usage of a fixed effects negative binomial model, this thesis examines the role of municipalities in stimulating firm births, finding both the development of business-related infrastructures and the signals stemming from sound financial management to be the most relevant determinants. While some significance, although conditional, can be assigned to fast-paced licensing and EU structural funding, political right-left preferences appear to exert a negligible influence.

A Work Project, presented as part of the requirements for the Award of a Masters Degree in Economics from the NOVA – School of Business and Economics

Document Type Master thesis
Language English
Advisor(s) Tavares, José
Contributor(s) Arouca, Simão Perestrello de Vasconcelos
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