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Author(s): Borges, Ana Pinto ; Ribeiro, Maria da Glória ; Rodrigues, Paula

Date: 2013

Origin: International Journal of Marketing, Communication and New Media

Subject(s): Internal Marketing, Internal Communication, Sense of Belonging of Employees.


We intend to evaluate the importance of internal marketing on organization size, in the effectiveness of internal communication and on the sense of belonging of employees. To face this objective, we did a survey which was available on various social networks, by which it was possible to collect a random sample. After the survey analyze, it was possible to prove that the existence of a sponsor of the Internal Marketing (IM) depends on the organization size, i.e., larger organizations are more likely to have a responsible of the IM than the small firms; we also found that the existence of IM promotes more effective communication within the organization; and we observed that the sponsor of IM plays a very dynamic role within an organization, according as he stimulates the sense of belonging of employees.In the current context, the market requires from organizations a new attitude, and the human element is undoubtedly the differentiating factor in the contemporary scenario. The small and medium sized organizations could not underestimate the importance of IM because this behavior may be an obstacle to growth and progress. 

Document Type Journal article
Language English
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