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Production of nanofiber-based membranes for biomolecule recovery

Author(s): Antunes, Bernardo Paiva

Date: 2013

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Origin: uBibliorum

Subject(s): Membranas de dupla face; Electrospinning


The demanding of ever-increasing quantities of highly purified biomolecules by bioindustries has triggered the development of new, more efficient, purification techniques. The application of membrane-based technologies has become very attractive in this field, for their high throughput capability, simplicity of operation and scale-up. In this thesis it is reported the production of a bi-layer membrane by electrospinning (ES), in which a support of poly ε-caprolactone nanofibers was coated with a polyethylene oxide/sodium alginate layer, and subsequently cross-linked with calcium chloride. The membranes were characterized by SEM, ATR-FTIR, contact angle measurements, and then were applied in the recovery process of a plasmid. The results obtained show that membranes retained the suspended solids while allowing the permeation of plasmid DNA, with high recovery yields and improved RNA retention. Moreover, they also showed a very low fouling tendency.

Document Type Master thesis
Language Portuguese
Advisor(s) Correia, Ilídio Joaquim Sobreira
Contributor(s) Antunes, Bernardo Paiva
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