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Research methodologies focused on urban planning and mathematical issues

Author(s): Virtudes, Ana L. ; Rodrigues, Ilda Inácio ; Sá, João ; Azevedo, H. ; Simões, Alberto ; Serôdio, Rogério

Date: 2017

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Project/scholarship: info:eu-repo/grantAgreement/FCT/5876/147408/PT;

Subject(s): Research methodologies; Urban planning; Mathematics; Postgraduate teachings


This article aims to present an interdisciplinary approach about the research methodologies used at the civil engineering research field, in the domains of urban planning and mathematics. Actually, there are some similarities in between the research process features of urban planning and mathematics. In fact, these both scientific subjects follow analogous tasks in their research process, which have the same starting point with the definition of the research problem and the final phase, based on the proposed solution. It joins scholars from the department of civil engineering and architecture, experts in spatial analysis and scholars form the department of mathematics of the University of Beira Interior. Two case studies will be presented as examples of the application of these methodological approaches, both of them focused on the urban planning researches, associated with postgraduate teachings, one is related to a PhD thesis and the other one relates to a master degree dissertation.

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Language English
Contributor(s) Virtudes, Ana L.; Rodrigues, Ilda Inácio; Sá, João; Azevedo, H.; Simões, Alberto; Serôdio, Rogério
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