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Um quotidiano rural no espaço urbano

Author(s): Brandão, Tiago André Silva

Date: 2016

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Origin: Repositório da UTL

Subject(s): Urbano; Rural; Quatidiano; Limite; Transição; Agricultura urbana; Praça; Incubadora; Urban; Park; Lifestyle; Transition; Urban agriculture; Square; Hatchery


ABSTRACT: It is inherent to the human being the unique and distinct way he interacts with the spaces or with a particular place. This is, by itself, essential for the development of each other. Both share the time. Both age, connected by cause / effect relations where both become - or at least should become- the reflection of each other. Together they tend to mold themselves as consequence of how humans use the space and its spatial response, whether in small public / private spaces or in large urban centers. Recognizing Lisbon as an heterogeneous urban space, consolidated as a whole but fragmented in detail, the present essay aims, at first, to develop a critical and intervening approach to the Rio Seco’s valley, a featureless and fragmented area of Lisbon. Secondary, it focuses on the Casalinho da Ajuda neighborhood case. While attempting to understand its intrinsic relationship between place, the community and its lifestyles, this thesis talks about the crucial influence and important impact that daily life activities should have on the design of new urban public spaces. Finally, the essay intend to praise and question how can architecture, and its physical representation by an architectural object, intervene on the design of new public spaces while shaping them into good transitions and interfaces between the urban and the natural spaces, providing the necessary support and environment for the correct development of certain communities lifestyles, promoting a cohesive way of living and finally, creating the means for a suitable social interaction.

Dissertação para obtenção do grau de Mestre em Arquitectura, apresentada na Universidade de Lisboa - Faculdade de Arquitetura.

Document Type Master thesis
Language Portuguese
Advisor(s) Mateus, Nuno Miguel Feio Ribeiro
Contributor(s) Brandão, Tiago André Silva
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