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Rotating homepage carousels and its effects over news memorization

Author(s): Ribeiro , Eduardo Jorge Duarte

Date: 2018

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Origin: Repositório da UTL

Subject(s): Content Carousel; Cognitive Ergonomics; Design Psychology; Evocation; Memory; Navigation; Visual Design; Web carousel; Usability; UX; Domínio/Área Científica::Ciências Sociais; Domínio/Área Científica::Ciências Sociais; Domínio/Área Científica::Ciências Sociais


The carousel’s system to display highlights combining image and text is a popular user interface element amongst informational (media news publishers) and transactional websites (e-commerce). The effects of two carousel variables over evocation of news were studied: Number of news in the carousel (7 or 14) and interaction mode with the carousel (Automatic or Manual scroll). 60 participants were divided into four groups of 15 subjects each: 7 news into an automatic scroll; 14 news into an automatic scroll; 7 news into a manual scroll; 14 news into a manual scroll. Evocation was evaluated by an open-response questionnaire after the carousels exhibition to test participants. An interaction effect was observed. With 7 news, evocation was higher in the automatic carousel and worst in the manual. With 14 news, evocation was worst in automatic carousel and best in manual. Concerning memorization of news, decision about carousel’s mode to use, are not independent of the number of news.

Document Type Master thesis
Language English
Advisor(s) Noriega, Paulo
Contributor(s) Ribeiro , Eduardo Jorge Duarte
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