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Espaços verdes sobre cobertura. Uma abordagem estética e ética

Autor(es): Costa, Luís Miguel Loureiro cv logo 1

Data: 2010

Identificador Persistente:

Origem: Repositório da UTL

Assunto(s): roof garden; aesthetics; ethics; landscape; nature; art; cobertura ajardinada; estética; ética; paisagem; natureza; arte

Mestrado em Arquitectura Paisagista - Instituto Superior de AgronomiaThe aim of this work is to establish foundations to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of designing roof gardens in urban areas, particularly when related to the issues of aesthetics and ethics of the landscape. The relevance of the approach of these spaces in such a perspective is tied to the fact that these issues are considered as essential within the context of the current nature’s crisis. Indeed, the human society is facing today the scarcity of natural resources, and the unsustainable use of these resources deteriorates the quality of environmental and visual landscapes. Roof gardens are structures which are advantageous from the point of view of sustainability but, simultaneously, create the need for construction and maintenance strategies that involve higher costs. This paradigm appears as an example of great relevance in this analysis. The approach to this issue is accompanied by a critical analysis of some projects that, in the broad view of contemporary landscape architecture, proved to be innovative in the way they deal with the implicit issues of this discussion, including the motivation for the valuation of nature in the urban space, the aesthetic quality of landscape and the functionality of roof gardens.
Tipo de Documento Dissertação de Mestrado
Idioma Português
Orientador(es) Ribeiro, Luís Paulo Faria; Serrão, Adriana Veríssimo
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