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O clima de Portugal continental como factor determinante da escolha de vegetação em Arquitectura Paisagista

Author(s): Cortes, Francisco O'Neill

Date: 2011

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Origin: Repositório da UTL

Subject(s): landscape architecture; climate; map; USDA hardiness zones; water deficit; vegetation


The main goal of the present work is the study of the climate influence in the selection of plant species suitable to be used in landscape architecture in continental Portugal. The two climatic variables considered as conditioning the most the vegetation in the Portuguese continental territory were the average absolute minimum temperature (treated using USDA hardiness zones) and the annual potential water deficit. A map was produced for each one of these variables, for the study area. The maps were made using weather stations from the Portuguese Meteorology Institute (IM), and the interpolation method chosen was the multivariate regression with residual kriging. A cartographic application to the vegetation was made using four native plant species, for which a selection index was calculated for each crossed class of the two climatic maps and potential distribution maps made using the bioclimatic envelope method. It is intended that the two climatic maps produced here may be useful tools in the selection of vegetation in landscape architecture scope.

Mestrado em Arquitectura Paisagista - Instituto Superior de Agronomia

Document Type Master thesis
Language Portuguese
Advisor(s) Abreu, Francisco Gonçalves; Arsénio, Pedro Miguel Ramos; Silva, José Álvaro Mendes Pimpão Alves
Contributor(s) Cortes, Francisco O'Neill
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