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Discriminação de formulações industriais de café torrado através de espectroscopia de infravermelho próximo

Author(s): Brito, Susana Maria Guerreiro Faia

Date: 2012

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Origin: Repositório da UTL

Subject(s): coffee varieties; blends; FT-NIR; PCA


This final work of masters focused on the characterization of coffee between blends with different amounts of robusta coffee and also in the analyze of how the origins of coffee arabica and robusta, from different regions, affecting behavior of blends. The samples were separated into blends and origins, which afforded 48 blends with 3 different formulations and 6 samples of sources, 3 of arabica and 3 of robusta. To obtain this characterization method was used near infrared spectroscopy, FT-NIR, in which the analysis was restricted to the area of the spectrum of greatest differentiation. The statistical analysis used was principal component analysis. It was concluded by a qualitative discrimination, that the amount of robusta coffee present in coffee blends is one of the most relevant characteristics of the final product. Other features that were found to be relevant were the degree of roasting, the formulation of the coffee blends and the storage time.

Mestrado em Engenharia Alimentar - Processamento de Alimentos - Instituto Superior de Agronomia

Document Type Master thesis
Language Portuguese
Advisor(s) Almeida, Maria Helena Guimarães; Rodrigues, José Carlos de Carvalho; Brazão, Ana Cristina
Contributor(s) Brito, Susana Maria Guerreiro Faia
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