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Estratégia para uma gestão eficiente da água e resíduos na indústria. Estudo de uma indústria matalomecânica

Author(s): Ferreira, Diogo Filipe Reis

Date: 2014

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Origin: Repositório da UTL

Subject(s): water; scarcity; waste; management; reuse; efficiency


The growing world population and industrial development has led to an increased pressure on natural resources. To control this situation, it was necessary to promote measures towards a more efficient use of resources. We all know the importance that water has in life, and therefore the concern with the management of this resource has increased. Legislative framework regarding industrial wastewater discharge became more stringent, with the goal of improving quality of water bodies. For this reason, many industries chose to build wastewater treatments plants reusing the treated wastewater. Besides the concern about water scarcity, pressure on all other resources used in the production of goods we use daily also increased. To reuse and/or recycle a product, not only avoids GHG emissions related to the production of a new product, but also avoids GHG emissions associated with waste landfill. In this work the environmental performance of a metallomechanics industrial plant was assessed, proposing improvements, short-term and medium/long term, to the production process, to the water/wastewater management and to the waste management

Mestrado em Engenharia do Ambiente - Instituto Superior de Agronomia

Document Type Master thesis
Language Portuguese
Advisor(s) Fragoso, Rita do Amaral; Dinis, Vera Lúcia da Conceição
Contributor(s) Ferreira, Diogo Filipe Reis
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