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Dimensionamento de um equipamento para refrigeração de produtos hortofrutícolas em escala laboratorial

Author(s): Barbosa, André Miguel Duarte

Date: 2015

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Origin: Repositório da UTL

Subject(s): cooling; fruits and vegetables; built equipment; uniformity of cooling


The cooling and temperature control are essential for the conservation of fruits and vegetables. This work is designed to contribute to improving the quality of this products in the supply chain and also for studies with academic purposes. For it has been designed and built a device at an experimental level, capable of performing the cooling fruits and vegetables. An experimental device for cooling horticultural products. Was developed in the Institute of Agronomy with a total area of 7,12 m2 (useful area of 5 m2), in stainless steel, an insulating polyurethane and an outer coating of aluminium. A cold system was installed, with a circulation system of a glycol water solution capable of removing heat from the o fruit products, cooling them. In order to test this equipment we used 12 glass jars to put sample. The he equipment showed to be sealed, and have a good cooling capacity of the glycol water solution that circulating in the useful area, removes heat to the same, not creating any temperature gradient within, mainly the proper operation of the circulating pump . In the test to evaluate the uniformity of cooling of fruits and vegetables, the results showed that for pear no significant differences between samples in the system's ability to remove heat from the fruits and vegetables, unlike with f the potato sample were greater mass showed some resistance to the cooling. In the strawberry sample the differences observed may be explained by product overlaps and increased respiration rate with consequent higher heat release. In all three cases there are some differences regarding our results and the expected theoretical predicted results namely in the middle of cooling time, once the tested system seems to cool faster being more effective

Mestrado em Engenharia Alimentar - Instituto Superior de Agronomia

Document Type Master thesis
Language Portuguese
Advisor(s) Almeida, Domingos Paulo Ferreira; Saquet, Adriano
Contributor(s) Barbosa, André Miguel Duarte
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