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Burnout in perioperative context

Autor(es): Galvão, Ana Maria ; Gonçalves, Ana Rita Veloso ; Certo, Ana

Data: 2014

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Origem: Biblioteca Digital do IPB

Assunto(s): Operating room; Stress; Burnout; Coping


Companies in a global context are going through moments of great development of information and technologies. In these environments Burnout is highly prevalent, this syndrome is considered as one of physical and emotional stress that leads to a lack of motivation to work, leading to a progressive sense of inadequacy and failure. Objectives: What level of stress Perioperative nurses for nurses in the Region of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro. Methods: Non-experimental study, quantitative character, descriptive and correlational a transverse plane.The sample consisted of 81 participants, 27 perioperative nurses of the Local Health Unit of the Northeast (ULSNE) and 54 of the Hospital of Tras-os-Montes and Alto Douro. Three assessment instruments were applied: Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) of Maslach and Jackson, Nurse Stress Index (NSI) Harris and Inventory Troubleshooting (IRP) Vaz Serra. Results: According to the NSI, the sample exhibits a considerable degree of stress, presenting the equivalent values in stressful subscales Workload 1 (Quantitative), Organizational Climate and Dealing with patients and family. Conclusions: The level of Burnout, the MBI scale, it was found that the respondent sample has a low level of burnout and how the coping, through the IRP concluded that the sample globally, has reasonable coping mechanisms, showing effective strategies in terms of internal / external audit of problems in controllin g the level and internalized / externalized aggression.

Tipo de Documento Objeto de conferência
Idioma Inglês
Contribuidor(es) Galvão, Ana Maria; Gonçalves, Ana Rita Veloso; Certo, Ana
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