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Organizational modeling with a semantic wiki: formalization of content and automatic diagram generation

Autor(es): Ferreira, António Alberto Vares

Data: 2008

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Origem: DigitUMa - Repositório da Universidade da Madeira

Assunto(s): Organizational modeling; Semantic wiki; WordNet; Diagrams; .; Centro de Ciências Exatas e da Engenharia


A key to maintain Enterprises competitiveness is the ability to describe, standardize, and adapt the way it reacts to certain types of business events, and how it interacts with suppliers, partners, competitors, and customers. In this context the field of organization modeling has emerged with the aim to create models that help to create a state of self-awareness in the organization. This project's context is the use of Semantic Web in the Organizational modeling area. The Semantic Web technology advantages can be used to improve the way of modeling organizations. This was accomplished using a Semantic wiki to model organizations. Our research and implementation had two main purposes: formalization of textual content in semantic wiki pages; and automatic generation of diagrams from organization data stored in the semantic wiki pages.

Tipo de Documento Dissertação de mestrado
Idioma Inglês
Contribuidor(es) Ferreira, António Alberto Vares
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