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The influence of product type, humour type, brand attitude, and gender on humour effectiveness in ads

Autor(es): Nielsen, Mille

Data: 2015

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Origem: Repositório do ISCTE-IUL

Assunto(s): Marketing; Consumer behaviour; Advertising; Humour in advertisements


Humour is a growing trend in today’s marketing sphere. Despite the increasing number of managers approaching it, aspects influencing its effectiveness still remains unclear. The aim of this dissertation is thus to illuminate the influence of product type, humour type, brand attitude, and gender on humour effectiveness for the Danish population. This dissertation met the research aim through an extensive study of relevant literature and empirical research. The latter was carried out through a mixture of quantitative and qualitative methods. A sequential framework was developed based on the literature review, displaying the assumed interrelation between the facets. Interactions supported by the empirical findings. The findings revealed that brand attitude affects ad attitude through humour attitude. Additionally, ad attitude was confirmed to influence brand attitude, though only for yellow and white products. Overall the interrelations depicted in the framework were evidently influenced by the product type approached, the humour type chosen, and the gender focused upon. Subsequently, verifying the following interactions between the facets: The brand focused on affects the product type chosen which then influences the humour type approached. Continuing, the humour type affects the ad attitude which in turn influences the brand attitude. Additionally, gender is assumed to influence the product type chosen, the humour type approached, and the subsequent ad attitude. To flourish managers must therefore understand the prominence of brand attitude, product type, humour type, and gender on attitude towards the ad. Subsequently, managers should acknowledge the important interrelation among the facets and act accordingly.

JEL classification system M31 – Marketing M37 – Advertising

Tipo de Documento Dissertação de mestrado
Idioma Inglês
Orientador(es) Pereira, Hélia
Contribuidor(es) Nielsen, Mille
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