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Effects of a mental health training program on health care worker's knowledge and attitude and practice in Belize 

Autor(es): Bennett, Eleanor Davis 

Data: 2012

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Origem: Repositório Institucional da UNL

Assunto(s): Mental Health Services; Nursing Care - psychology ; Training Support; Case Studies ; Belize; Saúde Mental e Psiquiatria


ABSTRACT This study was conducted to assess mental health knowledge, attitude and practices among health care workers in Belize before and immediately after a competency based training program in mental health. A baseline Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) survey was given to health personnel, mainly nurses, working primary and secondary care. The intervention was a 13-week face-to-face training course for health care professionals with the objective of increasing their competency in mental health and reducing stigma. After the training a post intervention KAP survey was conducted among the original respondents. 88 health care workers completed the baseline survey and 61 of those respondents completed the post-intervention questionnaire. The results showed that the level of knowledge of the participants had improved by the training intervention and that in general, the intervention was effective in correcting some misconceptions about mental illness and reducing stigmatizing attitudes among the participants.

Tipo de Documento Dissertação de mestrado
Idioma Inglês
Contribuidor(es) Bennett, Eleanor Davis 
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