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Plano de Gestão de resíduos sólidos urbanos - Uma proposta para a cidade de Porto Novo, Ilha de Santo Antão, Cabo Verde

Autor(es): Graça, Viviane Fernandes

Data: 2015

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Origem: Repositório da UTL

Assunto(s): waste management; municipal solid waste; management plan; selective collection; Porto Novo; Cape Verde


In Cape Verde, environmental pollution has been the focus of national concern. The wastes and the way they have been "handled" are some of the indicators of this problematic situation that negatively affects the environment and public health. Waste production has been increasing, reached in 2005, a total of 145 thousand tonnes more than predicted for 2010 (Direção Geral do Ambiente-DGA, 2012). In the city of Porto Novo, Santo Antão Island, the study area, with less than 10 thousand inhabitants, in 2010, according to the Plan and developing of Santo Antão (PDSA, 2011), were produced about of 1100 tonnes of municipal solid waste (MSW). The current management system consists of undifferentiated collection, transport and landfilled in the city dump, where medical waste are also disposed and burned. The remaining wastes are inappropriately disposed by the population creating critical situations of pollution, which occurs throughout the national territory. This work aims to propose some suggestions for the improvement of MSW management through the elaboration of a MSW management plan for the city of Porto Novo: proposing a selective collection for recyclable waste, using ecopoints, and biodegradable, and collecting some specific waste streams for recycling. The implementation of this plan requires the construction of a treatment centre to MSW management (already designed) which includes a controlled landfill, sorting and composting units. With the construction of a landfill, it was proposed the decommissioning and the area requalification of the dump

Mestrado em Engenharia do Ambiente - Instituto Superior de Agronomia

Tipo de Documento Dissertação de mestrado
Idioma Português
Orientador(es) Queda, Ana Cristina Ferreira da Cunha
Contribuidor(es) Graça, Viviane Fernandes
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