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Construção e instalação de zonas húmidas para tratamento de efluentes de aquacultura

Autor(es): Batista, Luís Miguel Miranda

Data: 2010

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Origem: Repositório da UTL

Assunto(s): phragmites australis; vetiveria zizanoides; constructed wetlands; aquaculture wastewater treatment; cyprinids; zonas húmidas artificiais; efluente de aquacultura; tratamento de águas residuais; ciprinidios


Three parallel fish tanks of cyprinids (Carassius auratus) and three constructed wetlands (CW) were built at pilot scale and started up. System aimed to study aquaculture waters cleaning capabilities by CW. Two vertical flow CW (0.37m2x0.30m), filled up with Leca® (NR 2/4 and 8/10), were planted with Phragmites australis and Vetiveria zizanioides to compare plants performance. A third CW was used as control. Water from fish tanks (100L) was intermittently recirculated through the CW. Fish tanks with a density of 0.93 fish/L were fed once a day following mean cyprinids body weight. Water quality in farming tanks and recirculating streams was monitored along time. Preliminary data on nutrients content (NO3 -, NO2 -, PO4 3-), Cl-, F-, temperature, conductivity and pH were obtained. Data denote that CW could be effective in the removal of nutrients,, stabilization of temperature and pH. Cl- build up within the system was not observed despicted evapotranspiration phenomena and absence of system purge. Pilot system was indoors and plant establishment was scarce and fragile probably, due to the lack of light. Accumulation of salts was observed, with conductivity rocketed up to a level that where thought that affected fish growth, alerting to the need of of periodic purges.

Mestrado em Engenharia Zootécnica - Produção Animal - Instituto Superior de Agronomia / Faculdade de Medicina Veterinária

Tipo de Documento Dissertação de mestrado
Idioma Português
Orientador(es) Afonso, Fernando Ribeiro Alves
Contribuidor(es) Batista, Luís Miguel Miranda
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