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    FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P.

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    168,200.00 €

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    Wed Dec 22 00:00:00 WET 2010

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    Sun Sep 21 00:00:00 WEST 2014

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    Wed Dec 22 00:00:00 WET 2010


Resistance to antibody neutralization in HIV-2 infection occurs in late stage d...

Marcelino, José Maria; Borrego, Pedro; Nilsson, Charlotta; Família, Carlos; Barroso, Helena; Maltez, Fernando; Doroana, Manuela; Antunes, Francisco

Objectives: To characterize the nature and dynamics of the neutralizing antibody (NAb) response and escape in chronically HIV-2 infected patients.; Methods: Twenty-eight chronically infected adults were studied over a period of 1-4 years. The neutralizing activity of plasma IgG antibodies against autologous and heterologous primary isolates was analyzed using a standard assay in TZM-bl cells. Coreceptor usage w...

An ancestral HIV-2/simian immunodeficiency virus peptide with potent HIV-1 and ...

Borrego, Pedro; Calado, Rita; Marcelino, José M.; Pereira, Patrícia; Quintas, Alexandre; Barroso, Helena; Taveira, Nuno

"Objectives: To produce new fusion inhibitor peptides for HIV-1 and HIV-2 based on ancestral envelope sequences. Methods: HIV-2/simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) ancestral transmembrane protein sequences were reconstructed and ancestral peptides were derived from the helical region 2 (HR2). The activity of one ancestral peptide (named P3) was examined against a panel of HIV-1 and HIV-2 primary isolates in TZM...

Evolution of the human immunodeficiency virus type 2 envelope in the first year...

Rocha, Cheila; Calado, Rita; Borrego, Pedro; Marcelino, José Maria; Bártolo, Inês; Rosado, Lino; Cavaco-Silva, Patrícia; Perpétua, Gomes

"Background: Differently from HIV-1, HIV-2 disease progression usually takes decades without antiretroviral therapy and the majority of HIV-2 infected individuals survive as elite controllers with normal CD4+ T cell counts and low or undetectable plasma viral load. Neutralizing antibodies (Nabs) are thought to play a central role in HIV-2 evolution and pathogenesis. However, the dynamic of the Nab response and ...

Predictors of attrition and immunological failure in HIV- 1 patients on highly ...

Palladino, Claudia; Briz, Verónica; Bellón, José María; Bártolo, Inês; Carvalho, Patrícia; Camacho, Ricardo; Munõz-Fernandes, M. Ángeles; Bastos, Rui

"In Mozambique, the evaluation of retention in HIV care and ART programmes is limited. To assess rate and predictors of attrition (no retention in care) and HAART effectiveness in HIV-1 infected patients who pay for medication and laboratory testing in Mozambique, we conducted a multicenter survey of HIV-1-infected patients who started HAART during 2002– 2006. Cox proportional hazard models were used to assess ...

Determinants of highly active antiretroviral therapy duration in HIV-1-infected...

Palladino, Claudia; Briz, Verónica; Bellón, José María; Climent, Francisco J.; De Ory, Santiago J.; Mellado, María José; Navarro, María Luisa

"Objectives: To investigate the duration of sequential HAART regimens and predictors of first-line regimen discontinuation among HIV-1 vertically infected children and adolescents. Design: Multicentre survey of antiretroviral-naı¨ve patients enrolled in the HIV-Paediatric Cohor,t CoRISpeS-Madrid Cohort, Spain. Methods: Patients with a follow-up of $1 month spent on HAART, with available baseline CD4 count and H...

HIV-1 Diversity, Transmission Dynamics and Primary Drug Resistance in Angola

Bártolo, Inês; Zakovic, Susana; Martin, Francisco; Palladino, Claudia; Carvalho, Patrícia; Camacho, Ricardo; Thamm, Sven; Clemente, Sofia; Taveira, Nuno

"Objectives: To assess HIV-1 diversity, transmission dynamics and prevalence of transmitted drug resistance (TDR) in Angola, five years after ART scale-up. Methods: Population sequencing of the pol gene was performed on 139 plasma samples collected in 2009 from drug-naive HIV-1 infected individuals living in Luanda. HIV-1 subtypes were determined using phylogenetic analysis. Drug resistance mutations were ident...

Envelope C2-V3-C3-specific antibodies from HIV-1 infected patients from Angola ...

Calado, R.; Duarte, J.; Diniz, A. R.; Borrego, P.; Marcelino, J. M.; Wilton, J.; Bartólo, I.; Clemente, S.; Taveira, N.

"Development of immunogens that induce broadly neutralizing antibodies (bNAbs) is a major goal in HIV-1 vaccine field. Recently, we found that bNAbs can be elicited in Balb/c mice against HIV-2 by using a prime-boost vaccination strategy combining recombinant Vaccinia virus expressing a truncated form of the SU glycoprotein and a polypeptide comprising the C2, V3 and C3 envelope regions. We want to test the hyp...

Evaluation of an in-house molecular HIV-1 test to assess mother-to-child HIV-1 ...

Martin, F.; Palladino, C.; Mateus, R.; Clemente, S.; Gomes, P.; Taveira, N.

"Mother-to-child-transmission (MTCT) rate has decreased sharply in recent years in most of the sub-Saharan Africa, however 220,000 children acquired HIV-1 in 2014. PCR detection of proviral DNA is the most sensitive method for early infant diagnosis (EID) of HIV-1 infection. Commercial kits are available but they have poor sensitivity with divergent non-B subtypes and high costs (≈30€ per test) which limit thei...


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