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    FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P.

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    151,140.00 €

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    Wed Feb 01 00:00:00 WET 2012

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    Fri Jul 31 00:00:00 WEST 2015

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    Wed Dec 07 00:00:00 WET 2011


18th century Portuguese tiles: characterization and reproduction study of Ca-ri...

Morais Pereira, S.; Musacchi, J.; Mendes, M.; Leal, A.; Esteves, L.; Santos Silva, A.; Mimoso, J.

Majolica tiles from the 17th-18th centuries make up one of the most important art heritages of Portugal. Their characterization and gains in knowledge through their reproduction are important to obtain information about their production methods, raw materials used, origin attribution and to contribute to studies in conservation and development of treatments. A group of Lisbon tiles from the late 17th to 18th ce...

Micro-drilling studies in azulejo consolidation

Costa, D.; Leal, A.; Mimoso, J.; Morais Pereira, S.

The consolidation treatment of azulejos is indispensable when there is a debilitated or disaggregated ceramic biscuit and/or one wishes to reestablish a weakened glaze-ceramic adherence. In this communication the impregnation profiles obtained via mass consolidation on ceramics conservation are presented. An acrylic resin, an ethyl silicate and a nanolime were used to determine the micro-drilling relevance for ...

Geopolymers in cultural heritage: their application in azulejo conservation

Geraldes, C.; Lima, A.; Delgado Rodrigues, J.; Mimoso, J.; Morais Pereira, S.

Currently, the restoration materials used to fill gaps in architectural historic azulejos (e.g. lime or organic resin pastes) present relevant drawbacks in terms of compatibility, efficacy or durability. The current solutions are not able to fully protect the azulejos resulting in further deterioration. Geopolymers can be a potential solution for azulejo lacunae infill given the chemical-mineralogical similitud...

Volumetric and chromatic reintegration in conservation of in situ glazed tiles

Mendes, M.; Ferreira, T.; Candeias, A.; Delgado Rodrigues, J.; Mimoso, J.; Morais Pereira, S.

Volumetric and chromatic reintegration is one of the most important but challenging treatments in conservation of in situ glazed tiles due to the need to protect them from water intrusion and further deterioration despise the demanding conditions and requirements needed in outdoor exposure. A set of six infill pastes based on aerial lime, hydraulic lime, aerial lime plus vinylic resin, epoxy resin and polyester...

Adhesives for outdoor architectural historic azulejo conservation

Morais Pereira, S.; Musacchi, J.; Esteves, L.; Pereira, J.; Cabral-Fonseca, S.; Silva, H. M.; Rodrigues, M. P.; Mimoso, J.

Historic ceramic tiles – azulejos – are an important part of the cultural heritage of Portugal. However, there are not many studies about the materials used in their conservation to direct the conservator’s choice. This work is, to our knowledge, the first comprehensive study on the adhesives used to bind fragments of architectural tiles. Attention is paid to the extreme conditions that may challenge the tiles ...

Restoration of semi-industrial glazed ceramic tiles by re-firing

Chaban, A.; Morais Pereira, S.; Esteves, L.; Peddis, F.; Mimoso, J.

Semi-industrial glazed ceramic tiles lining urban façades represent a rich heritage asset of Portuguese cities and in particular of Lisbon. However, still a sizeable part of them is being continuously lost. Whenever the façade tiles are decayed, they are usually merely removed and replaced by newly manufactured ones. Following preliminary tests done at LNEC in 2012, we introduce in this communication re-firing ...


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