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    FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P.

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    159,854.00 €

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    Wed Mar 21 00:00:00 WET 2012

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    Sun Mar 20 00:00:00 WET 2016

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    Wed Dec 07 00:00:00 WET 2011


Overtopping risk evaluation at the portuguese coast: Leixões, Lisbon/Caparica a...

Capitão, R.; Fortes, C. J. E. M.; Santos, J. A.; Poseiro, P.; Reis, M. T. L. G. V.; Pereira, T.

To tackle recurrent emergency situations due to adverse sea wave conditions, often observed in Portuguese ports and coasts, a research project (HIDRALERTA) is underway to build a methodology and a system for long-term planning, wave climate forecast and early warning to be applied to those areas. This system deals with phenomena such as run-up, overtopping and flooding. lt wiII eventually empower the nationa! a...

Evaluation of wave overtopping consequences for risk assessment. The case study...

Lourenço, I.; Santos, J. A.; Fortes, C. J. E. M.; Reis, M. T. L. G. V.; Garcia, T.; Poseiro, P.; Craveiro, J.

This paper aims at presenting two diíferent methodologies to evaluale wave overtopping consequences: the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and the Analytic Network Process (ANP). The AHP is based on lhe comparison of successive and paired information that was selecled and quantified having in mind its hierarchic prioritization by taking into account lhe estimated relevance of each considered criterion or indicat...

Wave energy at Azores islands

Matos, A.; Madeira, F.; Fortes, C. J. E. M.; Didier, E.; Poseiro, P.; Jacob, J.

This paper focus on the sea wave characterization (significant wave height, peak wave period, mean wave period, mean wave direction) at the Azores archipelago and the evaluation of the wave energy source. For the sea wave characterization, the numerical mode! SWAN, is applied for a period of 10 years in several points around each of the nine islands of Azores, at the 100 m CD bathymetric. Based on those results...

Toe berm damage progression analysis using a stereophotogrammetric survey techn...

Pedro, F.; Bastos, M.; Lemos, R.; Fortes, C. J. E. M.; Santos, J. A.

This paper focuses the toe berm damage progression analysis using image processing tools, in order to test their applicability to scale model tests. Damage can be characterized either by counting the number of displaced units or by measuring the eroded profile of the armor slope. Nevertheless, qualitative and quantitative damage assessment is not always easy. In order to ease and speed up those tasks, some imag...

An index-based method for coastal-flood risk assessment in low-lying areas (Cos...

Silva, S.; Martinho, M.; Capitão, R.; Reis, M. T. L. G. V.; Fortes, C. J. E. M.; Ferreira, J.

The coastal area of Costa de Caparica is an important territory representing one of the main affected areas by storms such as Hercules in 2013 and 2014. This paper propose a new coastal risk assessment to coastal floods, combining GIS-based inundation analysis over the last 35 years, coastal vulnerability model based on geological and physical variables and, valuation of surface' elements exposed to storms cons...

O Porto de Ponta Delgada, S. Miguel, Açores: avaliação das consequências de gal...

Rodrigues, J.; Fortes, C. J. E. M.; Reis, M. T. L. G. V.; Poseiro, P.; Taveira-Pinto, F.

No presente trabalho descreve-se a aplicação de uma metodologia para avaliação das consequências do galgamento no porto de Ponta Delgada, S. Miguel, Açores, recorrendo a uma análise multicritério (Processo de Análise Hierárquica, AHP) do impacto da ocorrência de galgamentos superiores aos limites admissíveis. Esta metodologia permite obter resultados baseados numa análise espacial dos indicadores que carateriza...


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