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    FCT - Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia, I.P.

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    161,829.00 €

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    Tue Jan 10 00:00:00 WET 2012

  • End date

    Sun Aug 09 00:00:00 WEST 2015

  • Date awarded

    Wed Dec 07 00:00:00 WET 2011


Mare endometrium : physiological and pathological involvement of hormones and n...

Crisóstomo, Maria Rosa Rebordão Cordeiro Simões

Two reproductive topics in mares were addressed in this thesis. The aims of the studies were to evaluate: (i) the effect of chronic oxytocin administration to mid-luteal phase mares on luteal maintenance and its cellular and molecular mechanisms at endometrial level; (ii) the capacity of equine neutrophils to produce neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) in vitro when stimulated with bacteria obtained from mare...

Date: 2018   |   Origin: Repositório da UTL

Involvement of hormones, cytokines and angiogenic factors on mare oviduct physi...

Bravo, Pedro Nuno d’Almeida Monteirinho Pinto

The oviduct is a very important organ of the female reproductive system, as it plays a crucial role in providing the ideal conditions for the final preparation of the gametes for fertilization and to support the early embryo development. This work contributed to: (i) clarify the role of ovarian steroid hormones, oxytocin (OXT) and TNFα on the modulation of oviduct prostaglandin secretion; (ii) relate the expres...

Date: 2018   |   Origin: Repositório da UTL


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