Associação Portuguesa de Ciências da Comunicação

Revista Comunicando (e-ISNN 2182-4037) is a scientific and academic journal, being dedicated to the area of Communication Sciences and its interfaces with Social and Human Sciences. Created in 2012 within the scope of the Sopcom's Young Researchers Working Section, it is one of the scientific journals managed by Sopcom associates. Revista Comunicando aims to promote interdisciplinarity in the teaching and learning process among Sopcom members and other researchers, as well as being a vehicle for the dissemination of scientific production in Communication Sciences. The publication aims to give visibility to quality, innovative and original research, contributing, as much as possible, to the emancipation of Social Sciences, in a broad sense. The journal intends to give an account of the research that is currently carried out, inspiring future work in these areas and encouraging the exchange of knowledge between authors of theoretical notes, methodological options and bibliographical references. Revista Comunicando has a permanent open call for papers and is published every six months (January-June and July-December).

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