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Acceptance for publication depends on the validation of the Scientific and Editorial Boards of Africana Studia as well as on the validation of peer-reviewers. Any publication of articles in Africana Studia must be validated by the Scientific and Editorial Boards, as well as by the internal and external peer-reviewers of the journal. The Editorial Board has the ultimate responsibility for the publishing of all materials, being its decisions made on the basis of the editorial project of each issue and on the information provided by the reviewers involved. The editorial project focus on the organization of a thematic file in each issue. Each file is composed by a set of scientific papers selected to provide the broadest possible view on the state of the art and also to broadcast outputs of research to the scientific community and to African social researchers. Each issue includes at least one interview related with the file which reflects only the points of view of the oral sources. Issues of the Journal can also include experimental and discussion papers under a broad África em Debate section. Each issue also includes reviews and comments on African bibliography and events under the section Notas de Leitura. The editorial of each issue is usually published on page 5 and signed by the Editorial Board or by the co-organisers of the issues.

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